Rachael Ray
April 2013, Every Day with Rachael Ray
CarryAll Tote, “Best Workhorse”

“I wanted to share my gratitude and excitement over my recent purchase. I bought two of the Produce 6Paks and could not be happier with them! My husband and I make frequent Farmers Market trips and the produce bags make is so easy to gather our favorite foods without bringing home unnecessary plastic bags. I dedicated one of my blog posts to my bags because I love them so much!

Thank you for such a convenient, fun, Eco-friendly product that makes me smile when I shop.”
–Maggie R., Corona CA

“Just had to share with you that I’ve been polling my mother and trying to assess how well she’d like one of the CarryAll Totes 🙂 She told me every which way she could that she doesn’t need any more reusable bags, she’s PERFECTLY happy with the ones that she has – Yes, PERFECTLY happy and didn’t think there was anything that she could want more than what she already has. I showed her the collection of totes that I just purchased and how to use the bags, etc. She knew I picked out Florida just for her and JUST LOVED it!!! No more word about her other reusable bags at all and she started commenting how she could put a comb and lipstick in one of the pockets and how perfect it would be for the Farmers Market or when traveling….. you get the gist. I’d say the first gift was a success 🙂 I asked her to show people in her town home development and other friends she knows as you guys depend on word of mouth. Here’s hoping!”
-Ruth S.

“For someone who has been slowly changing habits in the “go green area” for many years, I have to say that the Esse Bags have allowed me to feel as if I am making a significant difference immediately. Now if I put a 6 pack of bottled water in my Esse bag (as a special treat, of course) I don’t feel nearly as guilty as if I had loaded them into a plastic bag from the grocery store.”

Tip: I keep an on-going grocery list in my Tote Bag and when it is finally time to go to the store I know I will remember my bags.”
-Terry J.

“I love these green Esse bags! And for someone as disorganized and forgetful as me, I am amazed that I always seem to have them with me. I feel a great sense of satisfaction with the down-sizing of clutter I don’t have to deal with. I am a fan.”
–Courtney O., Oakdale MN

“The Esse CarryAll Tote and bags solved the problem of too many loose bags thrown around the back of my car. It keeps everything I need concise and available, and I use the extra pockets for my wallet, keys and coupons while in the store. I especially like the vegetable (Produce) bags that can be used from store to storage. The Everyday Bag has been great for retail shopping and the CarryAll makes a great, practical gift.”
–Michelle G., Encinita CA

“I have some (esse) bags and use them every time I shop. I keep them clipped with a carabiner to my coupon binder bag inside the little cool pack bags they come in and just pull them out when I need them! On one shopping trip over the summer I actually carried a watermelon AND a 5lb. bag of potatoes in the Everyday Bag. It is so strong and roomy, yet it folds up super small. My favorite Esse item is their produce bags. They work great with a nice little drawstring closing, and I just love not having to waste all those bags every week when I buy produce at the grocery store. Their bags are really awesome and would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for the green guys and gals (or those who need a nudge!) on your shopping list.
-Pandora’s Deals

“What a good idea! I find I use the black bags the most. I love that they are a bit more attractive than carrying a brown paper bag, because I use them for more than just shopping. Like, if I am toting things that will not fit in my purse or briefcase. Yesterday I discovered that 2 black boxes of wine fit perfectly in them! I keep one in each of my purses and at least one in my car. When I have emptied it out in the kitchen, I either tuck it back into my purse or set it by the door for the next time I go to the car.”
-Mary H.

“I just want you to know that I am NEVER without my Esse bags. My Tote is always in my car for my larger shopping sprees and my Quick Pak is attached to my purse so I NEVER have to ask for plastic. The cashiers at my local grocery store just know I am going to whip out my own ‘green’ bag and the Target now gives me 5 cents off for each bag I use. Everyone needs to be eco-friendly and I can’t think of a better way to help our environment – and why not look good doing it!”
-Lynda A

“I love my esse bags! My CarryAll Tote stays in the car, so no matter where I go I have the bags I need. I keep two additional Everyday Bags in my purse and I really do use them EVERY day. I’ve washed the Everyday Bags many times and they still look brand new!”
–Michele S., St Paul MN

“Couple of comments on my cool bags. Just love them. I keep mine in my car (I am a car lady!) Everyone loves the Produce Bags. Those plastic newspaper bags can stack up really quickly and are wonderful for dog do-do, but how many do you need? Also, what people are really impressed about is the one bag to keep all the bags in (CarryAll Tote)! And they are so stylish! Hope your product is flying off the shelf! Good job, ladies.”
-Joan S.

“I just purchased 2 everyday bags and four produce bags! I love them. They fit so easily in our diaper bag. When I shop I have enough to worry about and carry (between the diaperbag, the baby and whatever toy we are juggling for the day). I try to carry my reusable bags under my arm as I race to the cart, but usually drop at least two on the way. I love the everyday bag! It is so, strong and fits so much! We live on an apartment building so with this bag I put it over my arm and can still carry everything else to the front door! The produce bags are great I love how they are breathable. Our grocery store just started rinsing all the produce which is great, until I put it in that plastic bag they offer and then (in my rush) throw in into the crisper drawer. Two days later when I am trying to make dinner, I realize my veggies have already (gone) bad. They have been sitting in water, in that plastic bag in the frig since I got home from the grocery two days earlier. I love your product, I may actually have to buy some for friends and family for the holidays. (They may not be as excited as I am when they get them, but when they use them… I will be the most cherished family member). SO THANK YOU! From a busy mom who can’t keep her head on straight at times.”
–Shellie M., Miami FL