Grocery Bags with Tote

* Esse grocery bags can hold up to 35 pounds! Don’t skimp on canned goods or other heavy items, these bags can handle it.
* Luggage-grade construction. They will hold up for years of regular use.

Grocery Bag

* Environmentally friendly – they are made from recycled water bottles (51% of the material is recycled PET) and will replace hundreds of plastic bags in their lifetime.

Environmentally safe – these bags were manufactured in China under guidelines set out by the ETI – Ethical Trading Initiative. They were then verified by an independent US lab to be free of lead and any type of toxic substance.
* Neat and organized – the grocery bags fold into an 8″ square and snap closed for storage, and fit neatly in the convenient carry tote. Produce bags can stay in their included bag, or be slipped into the outside tote pockets.

* Easy to take care of – they can be machine washed and line dried.
* Sized like a paper grocery bag (14″ x 15.5″ x 8″) – but the handles won’t break!

Grocery bag tote:

* Tote has extra pockets for coupons or shopping lists, is small enough to sit next to your seat in the car (9″ x 8″ x 4″), and has a sturdy adjustable handle long enough to carry on your shoulder if you like.  * They also come in lots of stylish and fun color choices.

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Why Esse?
(Customer Quote)

I discovered Esse bags four years ago after a desperate web search a few months after all of the cities around me went bagless. If you are wondering if these bags are worth the risk and money, I love them. Here is why.

I have purchased eight totes (with bags) in my lifetime. Five have been given away as gifts to friends and family. The remaining three are mine. I’ve never had any bag fail; The are not junk. I simply like to make sure that I never run out of bags for shopping. Two totes are in regular use, the third sits in a closet (just in case).

Outside of 2 heavy duty wine totes, I only have Esse bags for grocery shopping. Why ??

Before these bags, I have always had a hate/hate relationship with reusable grocery bags.
* I was going to go broke in paper bag fee’s because my bags were always in my house not my car.
* When my bags were in my car, it was a mismatched bag pile scattered across my trunk. UGH. Cluttered and messy.
* Cheaply made, they kept self-destructing. One frozen in time moment, as a bag ripped and eggs ended up on the ground and my shoes, still causes me to shudder.

I bought 3 or 4 different types of bags during my quest to find the perfect bag. They all found new homes (along with all of my other shopping bags). Esse solved everything for me. I reveled in the compliments from baggers at the store. I purchased sets so friends and family could share the experience.

What makes them different?

1. The black shopping bags fold up and snap. The snaps keep the bags neat when they aren’t in use. (Note: make sure you pull one out of your tote and unsnap it during checkout, it helps)
2. The black shopping bags hold a lot of groceries. They are the size of old-fashioned paper bags.
3. The shopping bags are heavy-duty and can deal with weighty or bulky items. I’ve put multiple liters of soda in a single bag without fear that the egg incident will repeat.
4. The folded shoppers fit in this lovely tote bag. It makes storing the bags in my house or car tidy, transport of the bags easy and also helped me put a process in place to get the bags back to my car after shopping. I adore this part. The tote prevents a mess in my trunk. The bags sit nicely in my grocery cart. Most importantly, I can hang my just emptied bags/tote by the door with my keys, so it makes it back into the car.

Ready to buy?

Set of 3 folding grocery bags with a stylish carry tote and a bonus clip-on shopping bag – select your tote pattern from the drop-down below: